Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm a freak!

Yesssss! I am! =P

Well, what I meant by a freak is a Photoshop; architectural & interior design freak! ;)

I don't wanna talk about my Photoshop-freakness lol. What I wanna talk about now is my architectural & interior design freak! MTV's Teen Cribs and MTV Cribs has been some of my favorite shows for awhile. Why? Because I'm just so craseeee of those houses! Mannnnnnnnnnn.....I can dream of a house like those in Teen/MTV Cribs for daysssss lol. Eventhough now I'm not able to watch Teen/MTV Cribs on tv but I still watch any of those shows on Youtube.

When it comes to offices building or commercial building, I like those with futuristic concept. Some might be really crazy though. These are the example of 'futuristic' building.

I know these are not real but I wish it is =P

For interior design, I like it to have 'theme' colors and lotsa space. Example :

But I guess I have to wait til I become a manager to get my own space like the pictures above. lol

This one is quite interesting as well, ayt??
The color really helps to make the room doesn't looks dull amazing is this??? Looks really relaxing

More 'futuristic', fun-looking, interesting buildings

Not really futuristic but interesting lol

This building...
reminds me of this...
But hey, the building is really nice and creative!

For house, I love modern-contemporary or these kind of house!!!!

Beautiful isn't it?

These houses drive me crazy. It's really my 'taste' as I love a house that is very square-ish, has lots of glass and 'wooden' 'rocks' texture. Go here and here

Oh goddddddddd!!!!!! Like seriously, I have to force myself to stop now!!! Once I start, I can't stop =/

Kthanxbye! =S

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