Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 : Suchitra Is My MUM2012

Hello, guys!

Actually now I'm still editing my post on the trip to Perak last weekend. I know, I take really long time to finish it up. I'm so lazy to blog these days! But I changed my profile picture though.

Now that I'm a fan of the Miss Universe thang, thanks to Deborah Henry who open my eyes bout this pageant thing. I spent most of my times with other MU-fans' on one of the most popular forum in Malaysia (LOL!) and with my Black Crow fellows on Facebook. These are the place where I'll forgot all the pressure, stress, works and just laugh and smile. I swear these people are crazy. You can't stop laughing when you're with them.

Back to MUM12, my favourite contestant is Suchitra. Actually I like quite a few of them like Juanita, Gabby, Steph but I like Suchitra the most. Maybe because we have a few similarities. Height is one of it. Not really similar but nah, just 1cm difference.

What surprising is...I like her before the 'what the f*ck' incident but I like her even more after that. lol. Eventhough I'm just an ordinary fan...I'm not an important person...but it really teach me lots of things. One of it? To keep calm. Other than that? Stay cool. Other than that? BE PATIENT. LOL. Like seriously! As I always hang out at that 'forum', I keep getting bad words from people that hating her because of that incident. There are lots of critics bout Suchitra (or I called her Suchi) that requires lots of patient. I'm talking bout LOTS OF it.

There are lots of things bout her that I really like. One of it is her smile. Look at the photos below. How lovely  is her smile??

Don't she looks like Eva Longoria here??

There are just too many things that I like bout her til I just can't list it out cause I'm gonna end up having 10 posts just listing out what i like bout her. lol.

There was one time when I was bored and feels like doing something artistic. Since I'm not in the mood for graphic design or audio tech, so I decided to make a video. I made a video of Suchi. Click this LINK to watch the video. The video is about her journey while competing to be the Miss Universe Malaysia 2012.

Oh yea, talking bout Suchi, there's one sentence that she always says to me. Since yesterday (or the day before yesterday), my Black Crow fellow (at least 2 of them lol) will says that to me when I'm sad or mad. It's kinda funny though. I'll laugh everytime they say that to me. lol. 

Regarding the post title, yea, Kimberley Leggett was crowned as Miss Universe Malaysia 2012. But whatever it is, my choice still goes to Suchitra, my favorite. Btw, there are 2 more posts that I have to edit now. So I guess I'll stop here and see you guys soon xo

P/S : Actually, I started writing this post the week after I came back from Perak. It's the week of Oct 31st. But I only seriously editing it and publish it today. lol

In case you haven't LIKE Suchitra's facebook fanpage, click HERE. Thanx =D

14/11 : I updated the link of the video. Click HERE

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God she wasnt part of the Top 9, cause her image to me was seriously tarnished when she blurted out the F*word. Theres no doubt that she is pretty and has good pictures.. but she has no right to condemn others just because she takes good pictures and won the best pictures in the first episode. I guess ego really got the best of her. She isnt Miss Universe material at all. To me Deborah Priya Henry, who is humble, down to earth and just pleasing whenever she talks is the true embodiment of beautiful.Cause she just shines inside and out. Kimberly Legget is only 18, but at least she doesnt blurt out vulgar words or lose control on national television. Gabriella was also in the bottom 6 but she didnt blurt out bad words, so whats the excuse for her? Stress because of the competition, Well then missy theres more stress when it comes to Miss Universe 2012 where you will be looked from head to toe and scrutinized and compared to way prettier and professional girls. For an 18 year old to handle herself wisely on television and not make a fool of herself, shows that she is way better off than Suchitra Kumar.

Monday, November 14, 2011 6:25:00 PM  
Blogger ZaRrY said...

Hi there! Thank you for your comment. Well, about the F word, gotta agree with you. She should handle the stress or pressure in the BeautyCamp better. But I'm pretty sure Suchitra learnt her lesson. It shows when she was in the bottom 6 the next week. Also, when she was eliminated, she take it positively that there will be something bigger for her other than the Miss Universe thing. :) Btw, I believe, different people comes with different attitude. Just my 2 cents ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011 8:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha i cant imagine if she had thrown another of her tantrums for the the next elimination round. But what's happened has happened. I personally feel bad for her parents, as they would have been embarrassed.Well everyone have opportunities to proof well of themselves. I strongly believe in your last line, but then again shouldn't our values and moral that have been instilled to us by our parents be the foundation of our attitude? Do you think Miss Universe Malaysia should posses the whole ''different people have different attitude''. Coz we must realize that MUM 2012 will be representing Malaysia's identity.Would you like MUM2012 to have a loose canon.? Its all dead and gone.. the past is the past.. but just couldn't help knowing that some people do think huge of themselves by degrading others. What goes ard comes around Nevertheless, I have no hatred whatsoever, I wish Miss Suchitra Kumar all the best in all her future undertakings.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 1:39:00 AM  

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