Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Worst Cab Services

First of all, thank you for those who visited my blog. You guys are awesome!!! =D

What makes me wanna blog like, NOW is there were something happened this evening and I still urgghhhhhhh!!!

The incidents happened after we had training just now. We're in the middle of the training when it was getting dark so we had rest. That time it started raining then it just became heavier. So we have to run to the nearest Petronas to get cab to go back home.

The others took cabs at the court and 5 of us had to walk to the Petronas. When we're at Petronas, 2 of us got a cab and left 3 of us. The 3 of us decided to wait for cab at the motorbike parking. There were rude guys whistling at us bluwergh!.

There were few cabs passed by where we stand, we waved hoping that they will stop but they DIDN'T!!! Urgh! Me n my friend was like, "What's wrong with these cabs???" Then after few minutes, there was a cab stopped for us but he asked for RM15 charge when we could just pay RM6 or less with metre-cab! Wadehek?

We're willing to wait for another cab than have to go back home with that cab n pay EXTRA EXTRA charges! Then, my friend decided to call a cab service. While she was on the phone, there was a cab, I waved and the cab stopped. But the other 2 guys that were also waiting for a cab immediately went to the cab. I looked at my friend, she looked at me. We looked at each other with that weird face, then both of us was like, "How not gentlemen is that???" Gahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Finally, there was a cab that willing to take us back using metre and without extra charges. Yay! I thought we can smile, sit and relax BUT oh gosh, the cab driver is a psycho. I'm talking bout a REAL psycho. Two of my friends sat at the back seat of the cab so I have to sit at the front since I have lots of stuffs with me. I went into the cab rushing coz it's raining then suddenly the cab driver yells at me "Whoooaa whoooaaa slowly. slowly." I apologised. When we're just sat in the cab, the other cab service called said that a cab will be there in 10 minutes. Seriously??

When we reached my friends' apartment, my friend paid then I was talking to her and I didn't realized that the cab driver is giving me the balance for the cab fare. My friend pointed at the front and I looked at the cab driver and he yells at me again, "AMBIK LA." Yeap, read that with really LOUD voice coz he did! Then he handed me a coin and really pressed it on my palm and I was like, "what the heck is wrong with him???" I looked at my friend and she gave me that shocked face. I don't know what to say.

Then, I asked the cab driver to send me to my apartment. From my friends' apartment to my apartment is really famous with it's super bad traffic jam. He yells at me again when I asked him that but he agreed. On the way, he interviewed me in very rude way. I mean, he's yelling when he's talking to me. WTF? I'm not deaf! I still remember our conversation.

Cab Driver : Where are you from?
Me : Sarawak.
Cab Driver : Huh?
Me : Sarawak.
Cab Driver : Laaaaa org Malaysia rupanya
Me : *keep quite*
Cab Driver : Bidayuh ke? Iban?
Me : Melanau
Cab Driver : Kt Sarawak mana ada Melanau. Iban dgn Bidayuh jer
Me : (I started to lose my temper at this time. WTF man? I'm Sarawakian so I know what RACES we have in Sarawak.)
Me : Tak la. Ada jer org Melanau *cakap dgn pnuh nyampah*
*silence for few minutes*
Cab Driver : Apsl tinggal kt sana? Kenapa tak sewa kt rumah aku jer?
Me : (Eh ko ni pesal plak tnya aku cam tu mcm rumah ko tu popular sgt jer. Dhla ckp menengking2.)
Me : Sbb nk tinggal situ (nk x nk jer layan dia neh)
Cab Driver : (He asked something but I forgot already)
Me : Hmmm (and I nod)
Cab Driver : Hmmm jer? Takde jawapan pun? Bagus lagi bercakap dengan org bisu.
Me : (WTFFFFFFFF????????)
Me : IYER (dh start meninggikan suara)
*silence for few minutes*
Then I ignored whatever he talked about until we reached my apartment.

The fare was RM8+ (coz of the traffic jam). Then I wanted to give him a RM10 note and expected him will give me the RM1+ balance but then he said "Lagi seringgit la. Aku hantar ko drpd pegi minum....bla bla bla. Bagila extra RM3" I just get out of the cab. Why the heck would I care bout something like that? It's your responsibilities, you shouldn't complain especially to CUSTOMER!

If it's not because my phone having a problem right now (I can't send text messages), I will make a complain to LPKP bout that via text messages. I did it before, the cab driver asking for extra charges.

Now from this story, there are 3 types of cab drivers.
1. Those who passed by but don't wanna stop. Or those cabs that seems like waiting for customers but when we called, they didn't even bother us.
2. Charge extra extra fares.
3. Not customer-friendly.

So, I'm wondering why are those kind of cab drivers still exist in 2011????????????? What's the problem? Is it LPKP's fault? Or who? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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