Friday, December 9, 2011

Netball : Play To Live, Live To Play


So its's been almost a month since I didn't update my blog yea?! =P Last week (or last 2 weeks), I received a parcel of my super-belated birthday gift from my friend. It is something that I've been really crazy bout few months back.


Ok, I know the pic above is sooo not clear. So you can see how the t-shirt looks like below :

The other day I went for training wearing this tee. I tweeted it and mentioned NetballUK. They RT-ed my tweet and Legend favorited it =P 

Actually, I wanted different tee. I wanted an England netball supporters tee that almost the same design as official England netball's tee but then it's outta stock. But nahhh....I got this one is good enough :)

If you want netball merchandise or kit from UK, you can check this website They have lotsa cool stuffs! ;) Or if you want official England Netball's merchandise and kit, you can check their official website They have lotsa cool stuffs as well ;)

Pssstttt....I got my Blackberry back! Weehoooo!!! :)

Good night! ;)

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