Thursday, October 28, 2010

Netball, Netball, Netball and Tamsin Greenway!

Ok, ok. I know this will make me sounds lame or whatever you wanna say, since I love netball and I have played netball for more than 10 years, but I just getting to know international netball players last Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010. Lame and so 2000 late, right? *sigh*

But to think back bout netball, seriously netball didn't get that much publicities as other sports get. So, it's kinda poor to us netballers and netball fans. And I think it starts to change (maybe since Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010), last week we can watch Netball National (Malaysia) Tournament. By the way, congrats to gold medal winner, KL (Kuala Lumpur) team, silver medal winner, Selangor team and bronze medal winner, Johor team!

For less than a week of Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010, I already got my favourite netball players!!! and there are a lot!

Urgh, this is embarassing to list my favourites. It seems like I like the whole 2-3 teams. LOL. I like Pamela Cookey (England), Jo Harten (England), Geva Mentor (England), Tamsin Greenway (England), Sonia Mkoloma (England), Sharelle McMahon (Australia), Susan Pratley (Australia), Catherine Cox (Australia), Laura Geitz (Australia), Mo'onia Gerrard (Australia), Maria Tutaia (New Zealand), Irene Van Dyk (New Zealand), Casey Williams (New Zealand), Temepara George (New Zealand), and errrmmm ok. Enough with embarassing myself! *blushing*

Oh my gosh!!!! Am I serious? 14 fav players? That's enough to have 2 netball teams without bench players! Actually, there are more but they're too many to be listed.

Picture of Tamsin Greenway was taken from Google

Awwwww, isn't she gorgeous??? =P
She's a great netball player and she's beautiful too! She have that killing eyes! And sexy lips too! And beautiful hair too! Haha I think, everything bout her are amazing. Fabolous! And the most amazing fact bout her is she replies my tweets. Awwwww. hahahaha *blushing again*

I found this video few days ago and I think they're funny! 

They're funny! I think Tamsin has moved to other house because she's not Firebirds's anymore. But, I don't know. I'm just guessing.

Ok, enough for now and enough with embarassing myself. LOL.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paramore Live In KL!

So korg g x Paramore Live In KL nih? *muka baik*
So, how? best? Menarik? Tertarik? Kau memang da bomb?

Seriously, korg yg g konsert Paramore tuh, from now on, PUTUS KAWAN hoccay!!!! *nangis*
Sedihhhhhhhh xleh g!!!! *nangis* *frust menonggeng*

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rihanna's and RihannaNavy's week!

So, this week is a fabolous week for Rihanna and RihannaNavy. Because :

1. Premiere of Only Girl (In The World) official music video! (1st single from LOUD-Rih's 5th album)

2. Premiere of Rihanna's 2nd single, What's My Name ft. Drake:

3. Premiere of So Kodak commercial :

4. Premiere of Rihanna : Official Top 20 on MTV.

So, here is the list of Rih's Official Top 20 :
1) Umbrella (ft. Jay-Z). Sales : 695,000
2) Rude Boy. Sales : 490,000
3) Disturbia. Sales : 435,000
4) Don't Stop The Music. Sales : 395,000
5) Take A Bow. Sales : 385,000
6) Russian Roulette. Sales : 375,000
7) Live Your Life (ft. TI). Sales : 370,000
8) Unfaithful. Sales : 315,000
9) S.O.S. Sales : 300,000
10) Run This Town (Jay-Z ft. Kanye West). Sales : 295,000
11) Shut Up and Drive. Sales : 235,000
12) Pon De Replay. Sales : 200,000
13) Rehab (ft. Justin Timberlake). Sales : 165,000
14) Hate That I Love You (ft. Ne-Yo). Sales : 160,000
15) Te Amo. Sales : 150,000
16) If I Never See Your Face Again (Maroon 5 ft.). Sales : 65,000
17) If It's Lovin' That You Want. Sales : 65,000
18) Hard (ft. Young Jeezy). Sales : 60,000
19) We Ride. Sales : 45,000
20) Wait Your Turn. Sales : 25,000

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Yer kawan-kawan. Mari bergotong-royong. Bergotong-royonglah kita membersihkan blog yg berabad ditinggalkan nehhhhhh. LOL.

Kesian blog aku neh, ada tuan yang x beri komitmen kt blog. heh. Sejak berFacebook dan berTwitter nih la. Haiyoooo.

I have no idea what to blog. Seriously!

Sepanjang aku x blog nih, byk jugakla perkara2 yg aku sepatutnya hapdet, tp x hapdet pong!

So, aku akan cerita skit2 apa yg jadi kt aku slama ni. Haha. I'm a fanatic of Rihanna now! I'm one of RihannaNavy y'all! Aku fanatik Avril Lavigne dh lama dh, tp pernah ke aku blog yg aku fanatik Avril eh? Heh. Ramai sgt klo nk list artis yg aku minat neh. Nanti2 ada la aku hapdet psl tu.

Will update again soon! Very soon!

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