Tuesday, June 30, 2009


oooo...ok. b4 aku terlupa lg sape tag nih. tag ni dtgnya dr manusia bernama yaya. hohohohoho

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, copy and paste this note, erase my answers and enter your own, tag people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. Last beverage: hot chocolate
2. Last phone call: him
3. Last text message:him
4. Last song you listened to: butterfly
5. Last time you cried: a month ago (maybe)

6. Dated someone twice: motipp???
7. Been cheated on: tipula klo x prnh
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: lol
9. Lost someone special: yea...
10. Been depressed: tipula klo x prnh
11. Been drunk and threw up: nope

13. black
14. white

15. Made a new friend: of course
16. Fallen out of love: setia~
17. Laughed until you cried: motippp???
18. Met someone who changed you: errrr.....
19. Found out who your true friends were: haha.....
20. Found out someone was talking about you: haha....ada3x
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: motipp??
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: malas nk kira~~~
23. How many kids do you want? 3 or 4
24. Do you have any pets: yes~
25. Do you want to change your name: what for?
26. What did you do for your last birthday: jalang jalang cari makan
28. What were you doing at midnight: on9, sms-ing, calling, zzzzzzzzz
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: too many~~~
30. Last time you saw your Mother: baru jap td~
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: lol
32. What are you listening to right now : my cat mengiao nk whiskas. x prnh knyg. gettin fatter!
33. Have you ever talked to a person name TOM? :tom?? tom tom bak? tomatoman? haha
34. What's getting on your nerves right now?: errkkkkkkk
35. Most visited webpage: fb, blog, mudah, mobile88
36. Whats your real name: zariha fazlina hj hamdan
37. Nicknames: zarry, zariha, nana
38. Relationship Status: its complicated..
39. Zodiac sign: leo
40. Male or female?: female
41. Primary school: SK Agama Sibu
42. Secondary school: MRSM Kuching
43. High school/college/university?
:kmph, unimap
44. Hair color: bilem <---in melanau. (in bm, means itam)
45. Long or short: long
46. Height: 165cm
47. Do you have a crush on someone? : u guess
48: What do you like about yourself?: everything except my weight. haha
49. Piercings: nope
51. Righty or lefty: righty

52. First surgery: never
53. First piercing: longggg time ago
54. First best friend: longggg time ago
55. First sport you joined: netball, volleyball, table-tennis, badminton~
56. First vacation: aiyoohhhh....mana ingt suda laaa amooiiii
58. First pair of trainers: errkkk

59. Eating: fruits~~~
60. Drinking: lychee
61. I'm about to: sleep zzzzzz~
62. Listening to: songs
63. Waiting on: balik perlih
64. What kids?: asalkan ada laki n pmpuan
65. Get Married?: esok! haha
66. Career?: engineer (insyaallah, god bless), successful businesswoman (haha...amiinnn)

67. Lips or eyes: both
68. Hugs or kisses: both
69. Shorter or taller:taller of course
70. Older or Younger: older
71. Romantic or spontaneous : both
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: xnk yg boroi. haha
73. Sensitive or loud: neither
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: neither

76. Kissed a stranger: astagaaaaa
77. Drank hard liquor: huh??!!
78. Lost glasses/contacts: contact lens......sokmo!
79. Sex on first date: motippp???
80. Broken someone's heart: mayb...
82. Been arrested: nope~
83. Turned someone down: mayb...
84. Cried when someone died: yes...of course
85. Fallen for a friend?: motippp???

86. Yourself: yeszaaaa
87. Miracles: yes
88. Love at first sight: hohoho
89. Heaven: of course
90. Santa Claus: haha....dongeng! (bak kata RMS)
91. Kiss on the first date: gilaaaaaaaaa
92. Angels: ermmm.......

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: hahahahaha......ssssshhhhhhhh
95. Did you sing today?: ari2 aku melalak~
96. Ever cheated on somebody?: tipu sunat maaaaa......
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?: pluto. hahahahaha
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?: ogos
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: waaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha
100. Posting this as 100 truths?: 100 confessions. hahaha

huh?? "choose 25 people to be tagged." giloooo???


Friday, June 26, 2009

Layan lagu slow plak

smlm tgh aku belek utube nk cari video2 duffy, ntah naper ttiba aku teringat westlife. nk kata genre duffy dgn westlife sama, aku rasa x sama pun. haha. ntah naper ttiba aku teringt westlife.

ble aku teringt westlife, ada lagu2 yg aku teringt...yg aku akan ingt smpai bila2. utk org yg xtau sgt lagu westlife or x prnh beli album westlife, mayb korg cuma tau lagu westlife mcm 'if i let u go', 'season in the sun', 'fool again' n lagu pe ntah lg yg slalu dimainkan kt radio zmn dolu2. tu zmn aku kcik lg. zmn kanak2 dumex. haha. klo tnya lagu2 yg cam tu kt aku, mmg aku sendiri x ingt n akan gelak. haha.

but, ada lagu westlife yg lbih best dr lagu2 tu sbnrnya. kt mesia opkos la x popular tp kt ngra sblh sana (omputeh) popular lagu2 dorg tu. ok...let me list some of their songs yg x popular kt mesia tp popular kt belah sana. huhu

ada 7 lagu yg mmg best bg aku. even dlu aku slalu layan lagu dorg nie, but now ble aku layan balik lagu2 neh, aku x rasa boring pun. yerlaaa...kan ada certain lagu tu ble kita dh slalu sgt lagu tu, lama2 jd bosan plak kita dgr kan. haa...but 7 lagu nie aku rasa aku bleh layan lg till now. and im listening it now. huhu. gigih tau smlm aku cari lagu2 dorg ni kt utube. aku siap convert video dorg tu jd mp3 lagik. hahaha. ok, ok. aku akan introduce one by one 7 lagu yg aku ckp td.

first, lagu 'Close'. ni lagu yg aku mmg suka...both lyric n lagu. lirik lagu ni sgtlaaa bermakna bg aku.

ni lirik bhgn korus lagu ni:

You give me strength
You give me hope
You give me someone to love someone to hold
When I'm in your arms
I need you to know
I've never been
I've never been this close

first time aku dgr lagu ni sudah jatuh chenta...so layanlaa lagu ni....


ok, 2nd song is soledad. aku suka lagu ni sbb aku suka la! haha. i got nothing to say bout this song. so layan jerlaaa lagu nie...mmg besh!

lirik bhgn korus lagu soledad:

It's a keeping for the lonely
Since the day that you were gone
Why did you leave me
In my heart you were the only
And your memory live on
Why did you leave me


next song, 'Close Your Eyes'. lagu ni xde dlm album Coast to Coast yg aku bli dlu but aku rasa lagu ni included in album Coast to Coast jgkla. dlu aku ada bli vcd dorg wt tour. so tym ni ada la dorg mainkan kjp lagu ni. even aku dpt dgr ckit jer part lagu tu tym tu, tp trus aku suka. hoho.

ni lirik bhgn korus lagu ni:

Just close your eyes
And you'll be here with me
Just look to your heart
And that's where I'll be
If you just close your eyes
Till your drifting away
You'll never be too far from me
If you close your eyes

close your eyes

forth song, 'What Makes A Man'. lagu ni lbih kurg psl prsaan n luahan hati lelaki laaa. dlu aku minat sgt lagu ni...so ble aku tgk n fahami lirik lagu nie, mcm aku leh rasa laaa isi tersirat lagu ni. waahhhh....gitu kan! haha. lagi2 ble aku tgk vcd show dorg, dorg nyanyi lagu ni dgn pnuh perasaan, lg laaa smpai msj yg dorg cuba nk smpaikan tu. waaaaahhhhhh...hahaha. anyway, video ni aku suka part yg mcm shane n mark menjeling tu. haha...ailaikkk.

ni lirik bhgn korus lagu ni:

Tell me what makes a man
Wanna give you all his heart
Smile when you're around
And cry when you're apart
If you know what makes a man
Wanna love you the way I do
Girl you gotta let me know
So I can get over you

what makes a man

fifth song, 'Angel's Wings'. aku slalu teringt lagu 'Flying Without Wings' ble fkr psl lagu ni. haha. ok, back to the song. yg aku ingt psl lagu ni, lagu ni lagu yg plg susah dlm album Coast to Coast bg mark...sbb the high part. hoho.

angel's wings

the sixth song, 'Fragile Heart'. aku rasa lgu ni lagu yg plg pendek dlm album dorg nie n lagu ni dorg sendiri yg compose. waahhh...aku still ingt fakta2nya. hahaha.

actually aku xtau which one is the chorus part of the song. haha. but ni lyrics one of the verse of the song:

So forget your past and we can dream tomorrow
Save our hearts for care and lovin' too
It's hard, I know, but oh one thing's for sure
Don't go and break this fragile heart.

fragile heart

the last song, 'Tonight'. lagu ni aku just suka lagunya okeyh! haha. lirik dia pelik uols! aku xnk komen byk2 psl lirik lagu ni.

ni lirik bhgn korus (read it by urself pelik x pelik lagu nie. bkn pelik yg biasa ok, pelik in bracket):

Tonight, I'm gonna make it up to you
Tonight, I'm gonna make love to you
Tonight, you're gonna know how much I miss you, baby
Tonight, I dedicate my heart to you
Tonight, I'm gonna be a part of you
Tonight, you're gonna know how much I miss you
And I miss you so


haha...motipp sgt kan aku cam promo lagu westlife plak. ekekekekekekkee. anyway, lagu2 yg kt atas ni sume lagu2 slow. ada la lagu2 fast tp biasala lagu2 fast ni jarang nk melekat sgt dlm jiwa (wahh gitu).

haaa...lagu2 ni la antara lagu yg aku layan zaman kanak2 dlu. dlu tym aku kcik2 aku byk dgr lagu english. byk influence yg menyebabkan aku terpengaruh. haha. klo influence from my dad, antaranya lagu2 from air supply, scorpion, abba and so on. yg lain tu, terpengaruh sendiri la...lgpun time tu kan popular boy band mcm westlife nie, bsb, 911, 5ive, boyzone. hahahahaha....zmn2 aku baru nk membesar tu wokeyh! ekekekekeke. that's y kebanyakan lagu2 rock kapak aku xtau. sbb tym tu pemes ngan boy band, kumpulan2 mcm spice girl, errkkk...pe ntah nama ada 2 kump tu...mix laki n pmpuan. *hentak2 pale kt lptop, nk ingt balik nama kump* haaaaaaa...S Club 7. haha. lg 1 kump aku x ingt nama pe.

and bonus song. haha. More Than Words

alkisahnya lagu ni....dlu ada klasmet aku (tym tu aku skola rndh) sgtlaaaa suka lagu ni sedangkan aku sgtlaaaaa nyampah lagu ni. aku pun xtau apsl nyampah sgt ngan lagu more than words ni. but bila aku dgr More Than Words versi westlife ni trus jatuh chenta uols. haha. mayb sbb bunyi gitar tu kot. kekekekekeke. lgpun, ada added verse kt bridge tu.


Eleng yg juling

haha. all this while aku asyik citer psl kucingku si johny jer kan. actually aku ada lg sekor kucen. namanya 'eleng'. haha. ktorg pgl dia just 'eleng'. klo yg non-sarawakian tu mayb xtau mksd tu. fyi, 'eleng' is in bhsa srwk. dlm bhsa melayunyer, 'eleng' is juling! hahaha.

naper ktorg pgl kucing ni eleng?? sbb mata dia eleng. ekekekekeke. eleng ni slalu dianaktirikan. hoho. sometimes ksian gak tgk dia. huhu. tp klo bab mkn, ktorg mmg x prnh menganaktirikan dia. malah, ktorg bg dia mkn lg byk dr johny but still, bdn dia kurus sgt. haissyy....

oleh sbb si eleng ni slalu dianaktirikan, so skali dia dtg kt kita, mmg dia akan bermanja2. haha. contoh mcm dlm gmbr nie la. ekekekekeke.

tp, se'eleng-eleng' or se'juling-juling' si eleng ni pun, at least dia msih ckup sifat. haha. bkn mcm si johny. gangster nk mamposss....sokmo gaduh dgn kucing lain smpai gigi patahla, kuku patahla, luka2 la, bulu tercabutlaaa....haaiissyy.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


hahaha....buhsan katanyaaaaaaaaa............

last week pnye gmbo nih. haha
ok...ok...b4 ada yg pikir pelik...haha. ni actually campuran sweetcorn icecream + low fat milk drink + chocolate powder. haha

motipp??? nothing. sajer jer nk try mcmn rasa ble aiskrim dicampur mende2 lain kan. ekekekeke


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


disebabkan aku x sgp nk tgk mende2 yg menggelikan tekak kt blog aku ni, so aku menggigihkan wt 1 lg n3 utk ari ni. means, ari ni ada 2 n3. hohoho.


Here is what you are supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun...
Create a new note, copy and paste this message, delete my answers and type in yours. Then tag 21 good friends and family INCLUDING the person who tagged you. The theory is that you will learn one new thing about each of your friends.


+ zariha
+ zarry
+ nana


+ tukang makan
+ tukang tgk tv
+ tukang online

#wakakakakaka....aku x prnh keje laaa..........


+ sibu
+ kuching
+ pahang
+ perlih

#haha....terlebih sudaaa.....(dgn gaya stacy)


+ Reality shows
+ Mythbusters

#3 jer ke??? kah3x


+ LA
+ New Zealand
+ Makkah

#haha...teringat tym kecik2 dlu nk sgt pegi chicago. tym tu minat kt dwayne johnson aka The Rock. ahahahaha


+ salad/coleslaw
+ spaggeti
+ fruits/desserts


+ going back to perlis n start new sem
+ mengberokbandkan diri...surf the net anywhere u go! haha. terbang fulusssss...botak pale.
+ i want new phone! hoho. thn nie jer dh brapa kali aku tkr hp.


+ cat
+ cat
+ fish



# xnk jwb bley??? klo nk aku listkan, smpai sok pun x abs lg. hahaha

here are some :~

malaysian singer : tomok, hafiz, akim, aizat, pejal tahir, yuna....

malaysian band (most of it are indie band) : MUH, hijau, coco, couple, estrella, nitrus, bittersweet...x ingt dhlaaa....byk sgt band.

penyanyi luar negara : asalkan lagu besh. hahahaha


+ basketball
+ snooker
+ football/futsal


+ fruit juice (eg:watermelon, apple, etc)
+ ice blended
+ rootbeer


ok....ok....aku lupa sape tag aku nih. aku copy questions jer then terperap as draft. hahahaha. kpd pengetag, maaf yer....really lupa la sape tag ni ntah. dh lama sgt. nk belek satu2 korg pnye post....makkk aaiiii...smpai bila pun aku xkan jd serajin tu. hahaha. so, aku xkan tag sesape. hoho. everyone selamat!



ok...first of all...sape yg penggeli tu baek jgn tgk n3 ni. hoho. sdgkan aku pun loya2 jer tym wt n3 ni.

aku dpt sume ni via email. mcm biasala...chain mail.



Pada mereka yang pernah pergi Indonesia ..korang sure ke yang korang makan tuh ayam goreng? Hehehe ..??? Betul ke, macam tak percaya gitu??????? Di
beberapa tempat di Indonesia tikus sawah ada yang dimakan?
Kalau tidak ingin memakannya di interview aje
dulu dagingnya?
Tetapi yang paling membedakan adalah struktur tulangnya, tiap binatang mah beda maka
nya harus belajar anatomi tikus, ayam dll.

Hati-hati... ...kelihatannya seperti daging ayam....?


Dibakar utk menghilangkan bulu...?
Dicuci sebelum dimasak..... ..

Dipotong-potong sehingga menyerupai
potongan daging ayam......

Persiapan utk di goreng....

Sebelumnya diberi bumbu....... .

Siap di santap....



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sarawak contoh amal 1Malaysia

Perdana Menteri akan buat beberapa pengumuman liberalisasi akhir Jun

KUALA LUMPUR: Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak menyifatkan Sarawak sebagai contoh amalan budaya hidup 'Perpaduan Melalui Kepelbagaian', sekali gus menjadi petanda konsep 1Malaysia diterima baik rakyat.

"Jika apa yang saya lihat sepanjang lawatan saya ke Sarawak baru-baru ini satu petanda bahawa konsep 1Malaysia itu bukan saja diterima dengan baik oleh rakyat, malah ia adalah satu cara hidup.

"Rakyat Sarawak adalah contoh apa yang saya maksudkan dengan ‘Perpaduan Melalui Kepelbagaian’, seperti yang mereka sama-sama hormati budaya dan perayaan kumpulan etnik mereka yang pelbagai," katanya dalam posting terbaru melalui blognya www.1Malaysia.com.my.

Beliau yang menceritakan lawatannya ke Sarawak baru-baru ini umpama sebuah catatan perjalanan, juga menyifatkannya kunjungan ke Kota Kenyalang itu sungguh berhasil.

"Saya merenung kembali perpaduan yang ditunjukkan yang saya lihat pada dua hari yang lalu. Malah, sebelum saya menjelaskan nilai dan unsur 1Malaysia, ia sudah lama diamalkan oleh rakyat Sarawak, sama ada mereka yang tinggal di pekan dan bandar yang telah maju atau di rumah panjang tradisional dan kampung tinggalan nenek moyang mereka.

"Pada masa yang sama, saya memikirkan akan pentingnya memastikan Kerajaan Persekutuan dan negeri berganding bahu meneruskan usaha untuk membangunkan semua daerah di Sarawak untuk mencapai matlamat dan cita-cita, seperti yang dibincangkan dengan Ketua Menteri Sarawak," katanya.

Beliau turut menyuarakan rasa terkilan atas kesuntukan waktu untuk bertemu dengan anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri; tetapi berjanji tindakan yang sewajarnya akan diambil berdasarkan perbincangan bersama Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Taib Mahmud.

Najib berkata, 1Malaysia akan terus menjadi satu proses dinamik pembangunan negara.

Katanya, beliau akan membuat beberapa pengumuman liberalisasi pada akhir Jun ini, dan selanjutnya, akan ada lagi pengumuman pada hari ke-100 saya menjadi Perdana Menteri, khusus untuk rakyat dan menggambarkan konsep "Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan".

"Saya berharap anda semua akan terus menyokong konsep ini melalui penyertaan anda dalam laman web saya melalui interaksi anda dengan rakyat Malaysia yang lain dan sesiapa juga, dan melalui penghayatan dan amalan nilai-nilai murni dan prinsip-prinsipnya dalam kehidupan seharian anda," katanya. - Bernama

credits to Berita Harian


Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

i hope it's not too late for me to wish


utk sume fathers2 kt dunia nih

vid ni utk sume fathers...huhu

this vid reminds me kenangan kt kmph dlu....kah3x


Friday, June 19, 2009

Dadih Mango

as i left alone at home....aku try wt dadih. hua3x. gigih aku kluar semata2 nk bli serbuk dadih ngan susu cair. wakakakakaka.

secara kebetulan plak aku guna sudu yg kaler lbih kurang dgn dadih aku wt tu. hohohoho

senang jer nk wt dadih nie. uols bley try wt kt umah (utk sape2 yg x tau wt dadih nie). serbuk dadih, gula n susu cair. that's all bahan2nya. huhu.

first masukkan sume bhn tu...sukatan ikut sedap rasa la. bhn2 tu td campur dgn air n masakkan sume tu td. dh mendidih, barula masukkan dlm bekas. letak dlm peti sejuk, tgu smpai jd mcm jelly n siap!!! bley dimakan sudeyh. huhu. kjp jer wt nie...x smpai 5 mnt pun.

pe pun, my mom said dadih yg aku wt sodap. waaahhhhhhhh. hahaha.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


aahah....motippp sgt kan johny mkn whiskas tglkan seketul mcm tu jer. sokmo mcm ni tau.

haha. more pics of johny sleeping with remote as pillow :-)


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MRM Kuching d hatiku...

td ngah aku dok belek2 facebook...ttiba ternampak 'mrsm kuching yang indah' by Mohamad Elias Shamsudin. haha....that's my tcher masa kt mrsm dlu la. but now nie dia dh ngaja kt mrsm balik pulau. then, aku klik la kt 'mrsm kuching yang indah' itew. hahaha...a lot of pics masa kt mrsm dlu. most of the pics gmbr junior aku dlu la. hoho. that reminds me of kenangan2 kt mrsm dlu.

aku pun memerah otak, mengingat balik ktne aku ada upload gmbr2 kt skool dlu. yg paling aku ingt kt fs la. aku p masuk fs, rupanya ada 5 gmbr ni jer. ahaha. byk lg actually tp dlm my personal album la. klo aku rajin, aku scan la nnt.

so aku cam teringat nk imbau balik kenangan2 dolu2

ni masa kt mrsm batu pahat.

on my graduation day 2005. from left : arloon, ct syazwan, me, cgu elias, huzaimah, azie, ana.

cboo geng (ada lg 2 org actually). since primary 1 till form 5...ktorg same skool. hoho

ni klo x silap aku time nk pegi annual dinner 8th Batch

ni masa kt mrsm batu pahat....time nk balik kuching. haha...aku ingt lg air tin yg aku pegang tu. sbnrnya motip aku nk tunjuk tulisan kt tin tu tp dlm gmbr x nmpkla plak kne silau. hohoho. hanya aku dan org2 tertentu jer yg tau. ekekekekekeke...

hmmmm.......ble diingt balik kenangan time skool mcm ni.....rasa lawak pun ada jgk. zaman pre-mature. wakakakakakakaka

apa pun, i miss my old skool very much. MRSM KUCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aku mrajok dgn Mr.Johny

In the morning....

baru pas mandi....bulu pun basah lg...

In the afternoon...

uwaaaaaaaa......sia2 jer aku bg mandi dia pg tu. ptg tu, dia p dok kt rumput kt umah my neighbour...dok skodeng kucing betina. cisssssssssss!!! then, ble dia balik umah, bulu dia dh kotor pulakkkkk............


Monday, June 15, 2009

'Remote Control' Pillow

How do u feel when u sleep with remote control as ur pillow???

Look at this

hahahahahaha......my dear Mr.Johny.....


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aku Kaya!!! Gue Kaya!!! Wa Kaya! Ente Kaya!!!

(Click image for larger view)

tgk yg aku squarekan dgn kaler merah tu...
Available cash : $5,854,767

kan best klo mmg duit btol mcm tu kan??? waaaaaaaaaaa....kaya gler aku. dok umah ngadap pesbuk jerla aku klo mcm tu. hohohoho

namun dukacitanya sume tu hanya angan2 semata2. wakakakakakakakakaka


Friday, June 12, 2009

Virus YM???

what is this actually??? virus ke??? aku slalu dpt msg cam ni. ada la dlm 5-6 org dlm frens list ym aku yg slalu anta msg cam ni. aku tau msg tu bkn dorg yg anta but its an auto msg tp is that a virus?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resdung plak dh....

ingt x ari tu n3 aku yg psl aku bersihkan bunga hiasan and then aku sneezing dgn truk? ingt x n3 tu? klo x ingt, kne gak ingt. hua3x. besides sneezing, idong aku gatal sgt. time tu aku agak resdung aku dtg lg.

actually dh lama dh aku suspek aku kne resdung cuma aku x take serious sgt sbb aku rasa resdung aku ni x truk sgt. just gtl idong sometimes jer. so aku pun x amek kisah sgtla till ari tu aku dh xthn sgt aku asyk bersin n idong gtl sgt.

kebetulan plak ptg tu akak aku bli batang kain. then, dia kata mlm tu dia akan wt rwtn resdung tu utk aku. so aku pun ok jer.

niela batang kain tu...

murah sajorkkk....rm5. hoho. dlm tu ada 3 batang kain. bakar kt hujung kain tu...then kt hujung yg 1 lg yg x dibakar tu sapu kt bhgn muka. actually kne sapu kt idong jer tp akak aku wt kt sume bhgn muka especially dahi, idong n pipi sbb kt ctula yg byk hama. after wt tu baru la aku leh tgk byk mana hama/ulat kt muka aku tuh. agak byk gaklaa...

after aku wt rwtn tuh, idong gatal aku dh kurang la. then, klo b4 ni aku pening fkr mcmn nk ilangkan mende kasar2 kt idong aku..now ni aku x risau lg. hahaha. klo b4 ni mcm2 aku guna utk hilangkan yg ksr2 kt idong aku tuh. aku pun xtau mende tu. b4 ni aku prnh guna mask n pore pack tp x berkesan sgt. aku rasa sgt amazing sbb after wt rwtn tu, aku rasa aku dh jmpa apa yg aku cari slama nie. hahahahahaha. lepas wt rwtn tu aku rasa yg ksr2 kt idong aku tu dh kurang. waahhhhhh....bgs3x. hua3x.

apapun, aku dh fkr nk wt lg nnt2. huhu................


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lai Lai Makan....Lai Lai....

Jom makan...............................

Nestle Cookie Crisp dimakan dgn .....................................................

Ducth Lady Low Fat Milk

tattadaaaaaa.............jom makan! ahahahaha. diet kunun. hahahahahahahahaha hakkktuuihhhh


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


aaasshiiimmmmmmmmmm..............aciiiiiimmmmmmmmm..............aaaashhooommm.....ikebal haaaasshiiimmmmm. kah3x. yaaa ampunnn ikebal. miahahahahahaha

wakakakaka...ari tu aku wt keje membersihkan bunga hiasan ni. bunga ni ktorg letak kt tangga. dsebabkan bunga ni dh lama terbiar kt tangga tu, so berinci2 la debu kt bunga tu. hua3x. dsebabkan debu2 tu laaaa aku asyk bersin jer pas tuh. ceiitttttt...............

owh...gmbr kt atas tu after dh abs keje membersihkan bunga tuh. dh siap disusun atur pun.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Aku bersalin kulit???

nmpk x pe jd ngan jari aku dlm gmbr kt atas tuh??? nmpk x apa yg aku nk tnjk sbnrnya?? kt bwh kuku aku tu ada kulit yg kaler gelap sket. tu sbnrnya lapisan kulit baru.

alkisahnya smpai terjadi mcm tu, ari tu mr.johny tercekik tulang ikan. then, aku n akak aku pun trying very hard nk kluarkan tulang ikan tu. last2 dpt la kluarkan tulang ikan tu tp tangan aku adala luka sket kne gigi johny. mula2 aku xkisah sgt...aku just basuh ngan dettol handwash jer. but then, ttiba rasa pedih yg amat...aku pun cuak gak. takutlaa bacteria dr mulut johny kne kt aku kan. so aku pun sapu dettol kt bhgn yg luka tu then balut dgn plaster.

then, dh agak lama sket, aku bukak plaster tu then tekezuuttt aku nengok bawah kuku aku ada lapisan kulit baru. so, aku suspect mayb sbb dettol kot?? yer ke??? haha...aku pun tatau. aku agak2 jerla.

***n3 sekadar mengisi kekosongan blog. kosong ke blog aku nih??????? haha


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bukak Pose

adesssssssss............lapaq aku nengok gmbr dlm n3 nih. hua3x. sajer jerlaaa...buhsan kan. so aku letak la gmbr ntah pe2 nih. huhuhuhuhu. ari tu aku pose...then ptg tu my fmly gtau aku bukak dgn mee goreng jer...mkn jgn knyg sgt...sbb mlm tu nk mkn kt luar.

so nie la juadah berbuka aku...simple jer sbb mmg budget xnk mkn knyg sgt...ingt mlm tu nk mkn kt luar. tgk gmbr air pepsi berais kt atas ni wt aku terliur. hahaha.

dan ini la mee goreng.......bli jer. wakakakakakaka. at first tu aku mkn ckit jer....x byk pun sbb ingt mlm tu nk mkn kt luar dgn fmly. skali tgk....ceittt....x jd la plak mkn kt luar mlm tu. trus aku melantak smpai abis mee nie. hua3x


Saturday, June 6, 2009

my cubic @ magic cube @ rubik

nie la cubic aku yg aku bli masa awal2 aku cuti ari tu. sanggup kluar semata2 nk p bli mendalah nie jer.

but u knoe what....skang nie pun aku mcm dh cuak2 sket time main nie...sbb rasa mcm nk tercabut. haha...mayb sbb slalu sgt aku main kot. n aku lak main cara agak kasar...hoho

sbnrnya kan....n3 nie skdr utk mengisi ruang kosong d blog aku...at least nmpkla berupd8 kan... hua3x.

that means, n3 ni auto-publish. hoho


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Telur Padi

ello3x....bertemu lg kita setelah beberapa ari blog ni x d upd8. huhu. n3 ni aku nk crita psl something...as ada org nk tau sgt psl mende nie. nk tau mende apa tu...haha. mende tu adalah telur padi? hv u ever heard of that??? no??? ok...let's check this out.

this is what people said...telur padi. naper dia dpanggil telur padi...mayb sbb kulit telur ni dipenuhi padi kot. aaaaaaa........plis jgn tnya aku telur ni mmg mcm nie or org yg buat jd mcm nie....jwpnnya....sudah semestinya aku tatau. hahahaha

mcmn nk mkn? haaa....mula2 knela buang yg padi kt kulit telur tu. caranya...basahkan cket dgn air pas tu buangla yg padi2 n tanah2 yg ada

nie la rupa kulit telur tu ble dh dibuang segala padi yg ada kt kulit tu. hohoho

nie lak rupa bhgn dlm kulit tu....actually telur ni telur itik tau.

tattadaaaaaaaaaaaaa............inilah rupa isinya. hohoho. ktorg biasanya mkn tlur nie dgn nasi. tlur tu letak kicap. hohoho....sodapp. isi telur ni lg lembut dr telur ayam biasa tu laaa...dan jgk lg lembut dr tlur masin. nk try??? slerla try.........

dlu kan....maid ktorg pun x reti mkn tlur nie. kununnya geli nengok tlur ni kaler itam. but then, lama2 dia tgk ktorg mkn, dia pun teringin nk try. then, ble dia try, trus suka. siap bwk balik indon berkotak2 lg. hua3x